Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Losing My Grasp!

How does time slip away so quickly?  Just when I think I have a grip on it I see how far I have slipped…  So here I am writing my first blog post for February of 2012 and my second blog post of the year…  I do intend this to be more than a once a month blog.  Truly, I do.
I think one of the worst problems I have is time management. When it comes to work, kids, husband, house, jewelry, and everything in between, I don’t exactly have things balanced.  I am trying, but sometimes I really feel like the proverbial chicken with no head. When everything is important how do you prioritize?  My blog is all about stealing crafting ideas, so I want to know…  How do you do it?  Maybe I can use your ideas to bring this picture into focus…

1 comment:

  1. From my perspective you have your priorities in the right order. If it’s hard for you to steal time away to blog or connect on Facebook then you are putting your family first. My advice is to keep being a good wife and mother and your family will flourish. I’m sure that’s what you want mostly, right? The whole balancing of life (family, work, home, hobbies, etc.) is always a challenge; take it from me and my wise 42 years (He He). But in all seriousness, here’s what I think. Most of these “mommy bloggers” are stay-at-home moms and have time to write or connect while the kids are in school or napping at home. I’m sure housework isn’t’ getting done (wink, wink). And, the others are writing or connecting from their offices in the antique shops or design offices, and need to do this as it’s their job to bring more business into their shops.
    I’m just like you; balancing “life”. But, I’m an empty nester, so I have more free time…now that I’ve raised my boys and helped them to flourish (but, my free time is still usually at midnight, after I’m home from work (as an Operations Officer for a nonprofit in Ohio), dinner cooked, dishes cleaned, dogs walked, laundry done, and the house somewhat kept in order – and not to forget, I still have a husband at home that needs my attention too.
    Bottom line…steal time when you can…and don’t worry that you can’t blog daily. I’ll still be there as a reader!! I have time today to write you, because I’m on a vacation day and my husband is at work and boys at their college classes. The dogs, however; are staring at me, because it’s time to be walked again…until next time.