Wednesday, November 9, 2011

45 Days Until Christmas! Oh My!

I know a lot of you are saying, "But what about Thanksgiving?  We haven't even had our turkey dinner yet!"  Well, if you are an arts and crafts person, like myself, then you are probably making decorations and/or gifts and/or gift wrapping and/or Holiday attire.   In which case, you have to start thinking about these things way ahead of the Thanksgiving bird!  If you haven't yet, as we love to say in the South, "Bless your heart!"  You better get to it!

I have recently taken a hiatus from jewelry designing only to be slapped in the face with the creative desire to make all things Christmas.  Now I feel the need to throw some jewelry in the mix as well.  I have been known to sell my one of kind pieces in the past.  I also, when I am able to part with them, which is often just as heart wrenching at parting with a beloved friend, have been known to gift my creations.  Again, jewelry making is no original concept of mine, or anyone else's.  We know cave men/women were some of the earliest jewelry designers, I mean, take Wilma Flintstone for example!  She was the proud owner of one of the most iconic necklaces known today!  So we stole the idea of becoming artisan jewelry makers from our earliest fore fathers and/or mothers. And I stole the idea from another thief who stole it before me.  What makes it original is what you do with it!  So here are a few of my past designs to give you some inspiration.  Now I need to get busy on some new ones! Happy Creating!

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