Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Green with Envy

After my inspirational journey through my latest Sundance catalog,  I decided that I needed a new leather cord necklace!  Does that have anything to do with all the beautiful leather pieces in the catalog? I plead...Guilty!  I was just so envious of all the beautiful pieces! So here is my quick and easy version of the Sundance inspired necklace.

I used sterling silver for all my metal components as well as semi-precious gemstones, but you can make an equally beautiful piece with less expensive materials. You are limited only by your imagination. I will take better pictures than this too.  Cross my heart!  I was so excited last night I just couldn't wait to snap a couple of quickies.

I learned how to wrap wire for "dangles" by reading beading magazines.  I plan on doing a few tutorials for this for anyone who may not be familiar with how to do it yet.  I will try for tonight.  I say "try," because I work full time and have two rambunctious little boys that sometimes like me to pay less attention to my arts and crafts and more attention to them.  Imagine!  I love, love, love, my boys! I will get the pics up though, cross my heart - again, and just for good measure, pinkie swear too! Stay with me...


  1. I really like this neckace. It's like a combination of delicate and tough. So pretty. Can't wait till you have some ready to sell!!

  2. That is coming soon!!! I will keep you posted!