Monday, November 14, 2011

Christmas Cone-Head!

Yes Sir! That's me - a Christmas cone-head! I am sure you have see a lot of cone shaped "Christmas Trees" being sold for decorations in pretty much every retailer that sells any kind of Christmas decor.  Some are metal with lovely dangles, some a plastic with sparkles and glitter... So pretty.  Well, I am stealing this and making my own.  I am not selling you my version of this idea as anything original, but you can certainly create your own original take on this very idea! 

For my version, you will need a paper mache cone (find one at your local arts and crafts store), a hot glue gun (make sure it is fully loaded!), and plenty of pretty floral "picks" (also found at your local arts and crafts retailer).
As you see, I chose picks with these beautiful berry-like doo-dads.  They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  You can use whatever you like.  I also covered my cone with a like colored piece of felt prior to adding my berries, but depending on your color palette, you can do anything you like from using a like colored piece of material, to leaving it as is, to painting it the color you desire.  I used a cone that is approximately 10" tall.  It took about 10 picks to cover my cone, but keep in mind that depending upon what size cone, and the type and size of pick you use, this may vary.

You can simply pull the "berries" from the pick, but to reduce damage to the "berries" I chose to clip them from the pick with a pair of wire cutters.  If you don't have a set of wire cutters, you can get a very inexpensive set from most retailers.  You can find them in several departments from floral to hardware.  I then, very simply, hot glued my "berries" to my cone starting at the bottom and working my around the cone and up to the top.  

Look how pretty she is!

Can't you see her in all her loveliness, standing in the middle of the dinner table during the Christmas feast, surrounded by all the wonderful Christmas finery!  I must make more! So easy, so pretty and I caught the picks I used at a great sale!  So CHEAP!!!  But so pretty, no one will know!

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  1. Those berries look good enough to eat. This is a beautiful tree. I think I will try it with white berries.